Gen AI Learning Jobs Will Increase



More jobs will be available in the IT business thanks to generative AI (Gen Artificial Intelligence), but only for people with certain skills.

This is how Ranjit Tinaikar, CEO of Ness Digital Engineering, felt when he talked to The Indian Express. He stated that widespread use of Gen AI would assist the industry in reinventing itself, similar to previous technological advancements.

“Gen AI will make a lot of repetitive work easier, but experts will also be needed to figure out how to use it,” he said. Along with it will come a greater need for skilled workers who can use Gen AI to create new solutions.

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Tinaikar also mentioned an anticipated increase in government involvement in technology due to the growing prevalence of deep fakes, such as altered photos and videos, with the increased use of Gen Artificial Intelligence technology. “He said regulations about Gen Artificial Intelligence are just starting now, and as the technology improves, they will also become stricter,” he stated. As more and more fields use Gen Artificial Intelligence in technology, there will be a greater need for smarter workers who know how to understand and use it.

Ness Digital Engineering wants to hire 20 to 25 percent more people every year and has offices in Indian states like Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. India hosts over 40% of the company’s global workforce, focusing on serving worldwide markets.

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