Taiwan Accepts Indian Migrant Workers To Address Job Need



China and Taiwan agreed on Friday to let Indian workers come to Taiwan because they need more workers. Taipei wants to hire more foreign workers from outside of Southeast Asia. Currently, most of them are from that area.

Taiwan makes a lot of electronics, but the people who live there are getting older. About 700,000 migrant workers from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand come to the U.S. every year to help out. Most of them work in factories or as home helpers for the old.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor, the deal was made between the real offices of each country in Taipei and Delhi. That being said, the details of how it will work are still being worked out.

The ministry said that Taiwan’s need for workers has continued to rise in many areas, such as construction, industry, farming, and more. Taiwan can’t meet this need, so every year there are more jobs for foreign workers.

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The Indian workforce is stable in terms of quality; they work hard and are respected, the government said.

A small test program will be run first. The statement said that if everything goes well, more Indian workers will be able to come.

However, it did not say how many workers might come in total, saying that Taiwan would make that decision.

Taiwan has said no to the idea of letting up to 100,000 Indian workers come to work there in the past.

Taiwan is claimed by China, and India, like most other countries, does not have any government ties with Taiwan.

India and Taiwan do do business together, though, and India wants more tech companies from Taiwan to come to India and make things.

Plus, India and China don’t get along either, especially when it comes to the line that they fight over.

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