How To Disconnect From Work During Non-work Hours



Not sure how to get out of work mode after hours? It might be harder than it sounds because stress at work may affect people more at night than during the work day.

A psychologist and host of the TED Talk “How to turn off work thoughts during your free time,” Guy Winch, says that employees can’t think about what’s bothering them during working hours. Instead, they wait until there is a break, which usually happens outside of work hours.

To get rid of these bothersome thoughts and fully recover from a stressful job, you shouldn’t rest. Instead, you should keep your mind busy with other things.

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“People think of recovery as rest,” Winch told Making it! “We just sit down in front of any screen and lose ourselves.” Rest is important and useful, but it’s not the only thing that needs to be done. We need to recharge while we’re recovering.

Winch warned his workers to rest and refuel with purpose. This means changing from a work mindset to a different type of mindset, which means doing something that will captivate the worker. “To recharge, we need to do things that make us happy,” Winch said, giving the example of painting or working out for 30 minutes.

We’re usually too weary to accomplish anything, but practically everyone has had the thought, “Oh god, I don’t want to do that,” according to Winch. Despite their exhaustion, most people felt better afterward since they wouldn’t be thinking about responsibilties as much.”When you get better, you sleep better and feel better when you wake up.”

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