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Hong Kong Workers Want Flexibility

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As the number of workers who want a better work-life balance grows, job applicants in Hong Kong give more weight to companies that offer flexible schedules.

This is what Randstad Hong Kong’s 2024 Market Outlook and Salary Trends Report says. It says that even though there are a lot of things that are changing the job markets in Hong Kong right now, many people are still looking for jobs that offer open hours.

“People are expecting more flexible work arrangements, which is great for better work-life balance but adds another level of difficulty to managing talent expectations,” said Benjamin Elms, Managing Director at Randstad.

“This transformative trend shows how important it is to be flexible and creative in order to adapt to how work is changing.”

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The growing need for chances to learn new skills and improve old ones is another thing that is changing the job market in Hong Kong. In 2023, Randstad found that even though three out of four employees said that learning new skills was important, less than half of those who answered the survey had chances to do so.

The group told companies to focus on re-skilling and up-skilling their workers to make them more flexible and ready to meet the changing needs of the modern economy.

Also, companies in the banks and financial services, healthcare, supply chain, and technology sectors are still looking for a lot of people to work in AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity. If you’re good at fintech, blockchain, or digital assets, the banks and financial services industry also needs tech workers like you. This is because many companies are putting more focus on data security and data analytics.

“Hiring the best people is important for businesses, but employers need to know that talent expectations have changed in how and where they work.” “Talent wants more than just a salary; they want a good work-life balance, chances to learn, and a sense of belonging,” Elms said.

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