Singapore’s Low-wage Workers Online Platform Launched



A new website will be available for those who receive lower pay to utilise in order to ensure they are being paid fairly.

Employees can verify if their compensation satisfies the requirements of the Local Qualifying Salary (LQS) or the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) by visiting the Progressive Wage Portal (PW Portal) website. 

Employees can also see what amount of PWM work their bosses have given them.

The PWM is a pay scale where raises are based on training and output. On the other hand, LQS is a wage limit set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for companies that have foreign workers on their payroll.

Senior Minister of State Zaqy Mohamad said that the portal will be used by 234,000 full-time workers on lower pay who are covered by the PWM and LQS schemes.

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Zaqy also said that bigger wage rises are coming in the next few years. He used the example of how the basic wage for general cleaners went from SG$1,312 (US$977.29) in 2022 to $2,420 (US$1802.63) in 2028, an increase of 85%.

MOM said that the government had used the Progressive Wage Credit Scheme to give about SG$1 billion (US$0.74 billion) to pay for wage raises. This much money was given to about 345,000 workers by about 70,000 companies as a cooperative pay rise.

The plan helped raise wages by an average of SG$300 (US$223.47) per month, the ministry said.

The new site will also show the right pay rates for each job type based on the PWM or LQS coverage of the worker. These workers can see if their tagged job role matches what they actually do for a living and if they are getting paid properly.

The Straits Times reported that workers will be sent reminders when the yearly PWM wage increases go into effect for their sector and job. They can also check the portal to see what the new wage requirements are.

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