Kiwis Concern Over Wage & Work Rights



In New Zealand, workers’ concerns regarding their pay and rights under the new National-led government are growing.

This was evident in the most recent Mood of the Workforce poll conducted earlier this month by the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU).

Furthermore, ninety-three percent of respondents to the survey, which took place between January 3 and 10, 1990, said that the government’s policies would make it more difficult for them to deal with rising living expenses. The NZCTU said that email addresses were gathered “over the last seven years via petitions, parliamentary submission calls, community events, and fundraising for community causes.” The survey was sent to 50,000 randomly chosen respondents from its Together email list.

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The results showed little variation when just specific cohorts were included in the adjustments, which surprised Rob Egan, the NZCTU’s author, who disclosed that 66.6% of the email list’s subscribers were union members.   

NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff countered that the overall results show how insecure workers feel at work. “Union members have done better at securing their terms and conditions, including being more likely to report a pay rise in the past year by 20%,” he said in reference to the survey.    

“Many people are concerned about the future of their jobs and the well-being of their families, according to feedback from this year’s survey.”  

According to News Hub, Wagstaff contended that the Government “does not care about their interests or the interests of most New Zealanders” by repealing employment laws without consulting the public.

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