Thailand Introduces New Minimum Wage



With the new minimum wage rates implemented nationwide in Thailand, Phuket would have the highest daily income among 17 province groupings, at 370 baht (US $10.67).

The Thai Cabinet approved the minimum prices, which then went into force, according to state news agency NNT. The Wage Board and Committee conducted extensive research and analysis before deciding on the various rates for the various groups in order to guarantee a just and long-lasting adjustment that wouldn’t have a negative impact on the economy. According to Phuket News, the pay rates represent differences in the cost of living and state of the economy among the several regions.

Group Two areas, which include Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon, have new minimum wage rates of 363 baht (US $10.47), which is a 10 baht (US $0.29) increase over the previous rate. Phuket is the highest of these regions.

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Group Three’s areas (Chonburi and Rayong) will have a new minimum wage of 361 baht (US$10.41), which is a change of seven baht (US$0.20) from the previous amount.

In addition, the government thinks that by raising the minimum wage, workers would be able to make a respectable living wage without contributing to inflation or driving up the cost of goods. 

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Settha Thavisin, recognised the value of periodic salary evaluations in a press release and announced intentions to convene later this month to form a subcommittee charged with further fine-tuning the minimum wage calculation methodology.

According to him, the goal is to deliver a detailed plan to the Cabinet by March, making sure that the pay rates are adjusted to meet the unique requirements of every district and occupation. Lastly, reiterating that the government wants to improve the standard of living for workers across the country, Thavisin said that the impending changes will make society more prosperous and equitable, which is a big step towards promoting economic stability in Thailand.

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