2024 Singapore Tech & Finance Jobs In High Demand


As per the Ministry of Manpower’s data, there is a significant demand for jobs in technology and finance in Singapore in 2024.

According to data on job vacancies issued late last week, some of the top jobs in demand among professionals as of September 2023 are in software, online, and multimedia development. Data scientists are among the other in-demand positions in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector, ranking second in demand. There is a nationwide need for managers in the business and sales sectors.

According to Chew Siew Mee, Managing Director of Jobstreet by SEEK, the industries with the most job posts on their platform in 2023 were ICT, engineering, and banking & finance.

There is a sign that in 2024, there will still be a high demand for technological jobs.

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 “With AI being an essential topic across all industries, we anticipate the employment landscape to continue its strong tech focus given the local government’s recent SG$3.3 billion (US$2.42 billion) investment in infocomms technology as well as the cumulative $16 billion (US$12.04 billion) investment over the last five years,” said Chew.

The data was deemed unsurprising by Associate Professor Wu Pei Chuan of the National University of Singapore’s Business School’s Department of Management and Organization. ICT, health and social services, professional services, and financial services—the four primary growth sectors—are predicted to have strong job demand, she said, “because they are more in line with the forecasts of the government and the key areas they are looking to invest in.”

However, she emphasized that although there won’t be any significant changes to the positions that are in demand in the upcoming year, the nature of the work and the abilities needed for it are always changing. According to the Straits Times, she said, “A secure future will be built with soft skills, agility, and a willingness to learn, while technical skills are important to help land a good job.”

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