China's economy to improve in 2024

China’s economy to improve in 2024

China's economy to improve in 2024In 2024, according to state media, which cited a government readout, favorable conditions and more chances than problems are anticipated for China’s economy.

According to a thorough readout of the annual Central Economic Work Conference, which took place on December 11–12 and saw senior leaders outline economic goals for the upcoming year, macroeconomic policies will continue to assist economic recovery. Reuters reporter that the official Xinhua provided this information.

“China’s prices are low, central government debt levels are not high, and conditions are in place to strengthen implementation of monetary and fiscal policies,” Xinhua said, quoting the readout released late Sunday.


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However, because of the continued weakness of company investment, consumption, and demand, barriers to the domestic economic cycle continued.

The report stated that the effects of the treasury bond issuance this year, interest rate reductions, tax and fee reductions, and other initiatives will carry over into the following year.

In addition, China would keep an eye on its damaged real estate sector and provide acceptable financing to real estate firms.

“With the concerted efforts of all parties, the policy objectives of real estate risk prevention and market stabilization fully achieved,” said the state media.

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