UK Announced Surge In Wage Threshold For Foreign Worker Visas



The British government announced a range of reforms on Monday aimed at reducing net migration to the nation. One of these recommendations is to raise the minimum pay required for foreign workers to qualify for a work visa. Interior Minister James Cleverly informed parliament that the minimum pay for skilled foreign workers seeking a visa will be dramatically increased, reaching roughly £38,000 ($47,899), up from the current £26,200.

“We will stop immigration from undercutting British workers’ wages,” Minister Cleverly stated.

Despite the Conservative Party’s intention to cut migration numbers in the 2019 election, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has committed to reduce them.

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Earlier, his spokeswoman told the British press that migration was too high and that there had been “abuse” of controls put in place over time. Recent numbers, however, indicate the difficulty ministers confront in decreasing migration, notably in the health sector, which primarily relies on employing foreign personnel.

According to the most recent figures, the number of health and care worker visas issued in the fiscal year ending September doubled from the previous year to 143,990. Specifically, 83,072 of these visas were awarded to care workers and home workers—a sector dealing with labour shortages and opposition to hiring limitations for foreign workers.

The government’s migration experts have previously stated that “persistent underfunding” of local councils, which largely supports adult social care, is a major contributor to the staffing shortage.

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