Amazon Singapore Launched Mental Health Aid For Workers’ Kids



Children from 18 months to 17 years are eligible for free access to counselling and mental health services as part of the company’s extended EAP.

Amazon Singapore stated on Wednesday (November 29, 2023) that they have expanded its employee assistance programme (EAP) to include a paediatric care programme. Therefore, allowing workers’ children aged 18 months to 17 years to get free counselling and mental health services.

Employees will have immediate access to customised and confidential care for their children from a licensed provider within 24 hours or less as part of this new paediatric mental health programme. According to the firm, the free, virtual curriculum is intended to assist families in navigating difficult times by providing short-term therapy or coaching as well as practical support for daily living. Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, sadness, cyberbullying, trauma, and other behavioural health issues are addressed by the expert help.

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The programme extends Amazon’s EAP’s current mental health benefits package, which includes health care coverage, time off, and other resources such as life coaching, legal and financial help, and mindfulness materials. In addition to standard EAP services such as counselling sessions. Furthermore, regardless of level, tenure, or position, the firm offers full-time and part-time employees with medical, prescription medicine, dental, and vision care. 

“At Amazon, the health and wellbeing of our employees and their family members is our highest priority,” said Dushyant Ajwani, Head of International Benefits. We are happy to provide direct access to paediatric mental health care for the problems and illnesses that their children and teenagers may face.”

Amazon Singapore launched its EAP in March 2022 with the goal of “removing barriers and unnecessary stigma around seeking help” and ensuring that its employees and their families feel safe and supported through a variety of mental health services, as well as regular dialogue with employees about mental health.

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