Saudi Arabia Implemented New Work Visa Rules For Foreign Domestic Workers



Saudi Arabia has tightened regulations on the issuance of visas for hiring foreign nationals as domestic workers, stating that a single employer must be at least 24 years old to be eligible for one of these visas.

The rules, which were just released by Musaned, the Saudi Arabian government’s platform for managing domestic labor, specify the prerequisites for obtaining a visa. Furthermore, subject to the employers’ financial capacity, Saudi nationals, Gulf nationals, foreign spouses of Saudi males and their mothers, and holders of Saudi premium resident cards, are eligible to apply for visas to employ domestic workers abroad.

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This move comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to streamline and regulate the domestic labor market. The Ministry of Human Resources has established the Musaned platform to empower customers with information about their rights, duties, and related services. These services encompass visa issuance, recruitment requests, and the contractual relationship between employers and workers.

The Musaned platform facilitates wage transfers to labor through digital services such as STC pay and Urpay apps. Additionally, it offers features like the transfer of a house worker’s service between employers, authentication of labor contracts, and the resolution of disputes.

The Ministry highlights how important it is to carry out contracting through Musaned, the nation’s official platform for hiring maids.

These restrictions apply to a variety of maid types, such as housekeepers, drivers, housemaids, cleaners, chefs, guards, farmers, tailors, live-in nurses, tutors, and nannies. The change attempts to guarantee the rights of both employers and domestic workers, as well as to improve the recruiting process’ efficiency and transparency by offering a forum for conflict resolution.

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