Portugal Will Raise Public Staff Pay By 3.8% On Average In 2024


The Portuguese government announced on Friday that civil staff’ salary will increase by 3.8% on average by next year.  However, labour organisations argue that this is not enough in considering rising living costs.

Salaries for government employees increased by 4.6% last year. Therefore, ffalling short of the central bank’s 5.4% inflation forecast.

The government will present the finalised 2024 state budget on Tuesday. Therefore, Unions have been notified of the expected wage hike. 

Government data shows Portugal has over 745,000 staff in government. Therefore, paying them an average of 2,000 euros ($2,117.40) per month.

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Mariana Vieira da Silva, Cabinet Minister, stated that monthly incomes of up to 1,807 euros will rise by 6.8%, while remaining wages would climb by 3%. Salary increases would be 3.8% on average in 2024.

“We want to guarantee a salary progression path that can be sustainable and allows (civil staff) to recover from the inflationary peak,” Viera da Silva told reporters at the news conference.

Unions are dissatisfied with the statement since most government officials’ pay will only increase by 3%, while inflation is predicted to hit 3.6% next year, according to the Banco de Portugal.

Sebastiao Santana, the chairman of Portugal’s largest labour union, CGTP, said the pay hikes would not allow the nation to “start reversing a path of impoverishment.”

Santana’s union has asked for a 15% rise and a new round of talks with the administration. Salary rises for public personnel in Portugal serve as a model for private-sector firms.

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