Chinabank Claims That AI Can Increase Worker Productivity


Chinabank has presented CHIB GPT to staff members to increase awareness of technology and highlight some of its possible uses.

According to Chinabank, the introduction of CHIB GPT also aims to find high-value, profit-generating uses for this technology. Employees may now use CHIB GPT as an on-demand companion to increase efficiency and productivity while doing daily chores.

CHIB GPT is the first of generative AI projects by Chinabank that serves the financial needs of Chinese Filipino entrepreneurs. “To improve customer experience and bring more business value to the bank, we plan to employ more and more generative AI technologies,” said Chinabank’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, Delfin Jay Sabido IX.

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Chinabank’s has given CHIB GPT access to confidential data and is driven by a sizable language model housed in a safe sandbox. The technology specialises in analysis, summarization, search, and content creation. Content-related procedures and language-related jobs such as drafting reports, emails, memos, articles are made more efficient by it.

CHIB GPT may provide advice and recommendations for improving workflow, decision-making and time management. Other than that, the technology is able to do personal growth, understanding difficult subjects and even getting beyond writer’s block.

One of the goals of Chinabank’s rollout approach is to raise staff members’ understanding and enjoyment of CHIB GPT. This includes focus groups, roadshows, and the introduction of a webinar series.  Employees are encouraged to utilise CHIB GPT while adhering to the moral guidelines established for the usage of generative AI. Lastly, the bank went on to say that these policies would be in accordance with its strict policies on security, privacy, compliance, and ethics, guaranteeing that the bank is ready to adopt a variety of generative AI-based technologies. 

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