OCBC Creates AI Chatbot To Boost Staff Efficiency


The chatbot will help the bank’s 30,000 workers with writing, research and brainstorming.

OCBC stated today (Tuesday, October 24, 2023) that in November 2023, it would make available a worldwide generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to assist them with writing, research, and brainstorming.

The chatbot’s implementation, a cooperation between Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI and OCBC, seeks to increase efficiency and better serve consumers.

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ChatGPT’s Large Language Models power the ChatGPT, which assesses inquiries and creates fully fleshed-out replies and results based on web-accessible text-based information. The chatbot is also maintained in a safe and regulated environment: any information entered by OCBC employees is retained within the bank and is not accessible to Microsoft or any other parties.

The bank-wide roll-out followed a six-month experiment from April to September this year that engaged around 1,000 OCBC employees from various areas such as investment research, product management, and marketing. Furthermore, employees utilised their GPT throughout the experiment to write investment research reports, translate information into several languages, and create customer answers.

Participants in the experiment said that they were able to accomplish their jobs 50% faster than before. This includes the time spent checking OCBC GPT’s output for correctness.

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