700,000 PATI registered for Workforce Recalibration Program

700,000 PATI registered for Workforce Recalibration Program

700,000 PATI registered for Workforce Recalibration ProgramOver 700,000 illegal immigrants (PATI) have registered through the PATI Recalibration Program 2.0 under the Workforce Recalibration Program (RTK).

According to Kosmo! Online, the Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, said the registration is to fill the workforce needs for five critical sectors in the country.

He said the application for RTK closes on 31 December after it opened on 10 January.

“The Recalibration Program 2.0 that started last January will end on 31 December with a target of 518,000 (foreign workers) in the first quarter (of this year), and so far, we have managed to bring in almost 600,000 for energy needs.

“When this program ends on 31 December, they will no longer be able to register, and we will only process through verification those who have already registered,” he said at a press conference after attending the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) Monthly Assembly on 12 October.


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He said the government collected over half a billion ringgit to pay recalibration fees, levies, visa passes, and also other processes through the RTK.

Saifuddin said only two months left for employers to register foreign workers. So, those who have already registered need to verify by taking their workers to the immigration counter.

According to him, the recalibration program was implemented to meet the needs of critical sectors significantly to revive the country’s economy post-Covid-19.

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