Malaysian employers should allow Indonesian workers to vote

Malaysian employers should allow Indonesian workers to vote

Malaysian employers should allow Indonesian workers to voteEmployers urged to provide Indonesian workers time off so they can participate in the 2024 Indonesian presidential election.

While the republic’s elections scheduled for 14 February 2024, overseas Indonesian voters will cast their ballots on 11 February, Malaysia’s second day of the Chinese New Year.

The Star reported even though 11 February is a public holiday and a Sunday, some workers still need to go to work, particularly those in the cleaning and domestic services industries, according to Hermono, the Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia.

He claimed it was why Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, urged companies to give their staff time off to vote while she was in Malaysia on Saturday, 21 October.

“That’s the reason the Minister requested all employers to allow their workers to go to polling stations.

“Participating in general elections is everybody’s political right stipulated in our law,” he told The Star.


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Hermono noted that because Indonesians would be voting for a new president, the voter turnout, which typically ranges between 25% and 30% in past elections, anticipated to be higher in the upcoming election.

“I encourage all Indonesian workers in Malaysia to exercise their political rights because every single vote may determine the future leader of Indonesia,” he said.

Hermono stated that the early polling will occur on 11 February and they already informed the Malaysian government, including the Inspector-General of Police.

“Every time we hold general elections or other activities involving the Indonesian community here, we get full cooperation from Malaysian authorities.

“We are grateful that for the next elections, the police will help us to ensure public order and smooth process,” he said.

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