Service Industry Show The Highest Rate Of Work Permit Misuse


In comparison to the other four sectors, including manufacturing, plantations, agriculture, and construction, he said that employers in the service sector had the greatest percentage of non-compliance with employment requirements.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said that it has been discovered that Malaysian employers are mistreating their foreign workers by forcing them to work in unrelated fields.

“It would be absurd to claim that work permit misuse doesn’t exist at all.  It takes place. Regulation-enforcing organisations also act. This pertains to the Home Ministry and includes the Human Resource Ministry’s employment division.

“But do they really neglect compliance to the point that it’s impossible? After today’s 9th joint committee meeting on managing foreign workers, he answered a question from the media in a joint news conference with Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar.

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He claimed that when work permits are misused, employers will be subject to repercussions.

When questioned about inspection data including actions against employers, he said that a conversation had been had and that further information will be provided.

He also noted that there are 120,000 more foreign workers than needed in the service industries.

“As of now, the service sector has 142,042 permits, significantly more than the demand that was first anticipated to be merely 20,000.

“Three sectors (construction, agriculture and plantation) are still experiencing deficits, while two sectors (manufacturing and service) are experiencing surpluses, and employers in the service category have the lowest level of compliance,” he stated.

“As of October 9, 667,418 foreign employees had received work visit permits for the whole first quarter (January to March).”

He said that 518,000 of them have been satisfactorily filled.

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