Professionals Are Thinking Of Leaving Hong Kong


Given that more than half of Hong Kong’s professionals are considering or intend to leave the city, the city may need to take more drastic measures to keep talent.

People who intend to relocate abroad are already seeking employment with global corporations or submitting applications for positions abroad.

15.6% of those surveyed indicated they wanted to emigrate as soon as possible, while 36.7% of survey participants in Hong Kong for Robert Walters Hong Kong for said they were thinking about moving within the next three to five years.

A startling 96% of working people who want to relocate overseas have already started preparing for their international careers. Finding work at a multinational corporation was the most popular technique utilised by these professionals, with 60% of the respondents choosing it.

However, 40% of those polled who said they were considering leaving the city have already begun seeking employment abroad. 31% of those who set a goal did so after improving their knowledge, receiving training, or conducting research. Others are seeking prospects for internal mobility (27%) and a complete career change (27%).

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Millennials between the ages of 27 and 42 make up 51% of those planning to work abroad, while Gen Xers between the ages of 43 and 58 make up 38%.

When asked what they valued most in their professions, it’s interesting to observe that 31% of respondents who are considering working abroad chose job security over money & perks (29%).

Professionals prioritise career advancement, team culture, and internal mobility over job security, pay, and perks since these factors are crucial for their personal and professional development.

To retain their top personnel, particularly in difficult economic times, John Mullally, Managing Director at Robert Walters Hong Kong, believes it is critical for companies to comprehend the expectations of their workforce.

“On the plus side, in today’s globalised and competitive environment, it is impressive to witness professionals’ drive to acquire international exposure. This can aid in their growth of a broader perspective, greater tenacity, and a deeper network—all of which are beneficial traits for any company, he continued.

107 Hong Kong professionals from a variety of specialties, including accounting and finance, engineering and real estate, financial services, healthcare, human resources, legal & compliance, sales & marketing, supply chain, logistics & procurement, and tech & transformation, participated in the survey.

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