43 Malaysians saved from Macau scam human trafficking syndicates

Malaysians saved from Macau scam human trafficking syndicates

43 Malaysians saved from Macau scam human trafficking syndicatesThe foreign affairs ministry says that 43 Malaysians who fell for a Macau scam and were being trafficked by a group have been saved by the Peruvian police.

The ministry said the Malaysian embassy in Lima, Peru, confirmed the rescue. This came after police searched a house in La Molina, Lima, on October 7, finding and naming all the victims.

The embassy has paid consular visits to all the victims and found them to be in good health.

It was also said that all the victims of Macau scam had been investigated. They would be returned to Malaysia soon.

Wisma Putra also said that the Malaysian embassy in Lima would continue to work with the local government to ensure all victims got the diplomatic help they needed to stay healthy and safely return to Malaysia.

Activists and government officials say that hundreds of Malaysians have been tricked by Macau scam. They took jobs in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos that pay well. Then, they are forced to scam people online with fake relationships and cryptocurrency schemes.

As has been said over the past five years, human smugglers take advantage of people from other countries in Macau. They may also take advantage of people from Macau going to other countries.

Traffickers get people to work for them by posting false ads for jobs like singing, modeling, or working in casinos in Macau. Most people they hire are from mainland PRC, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

Adult and child victims are forced to have sex for money in massage parlors, illegal brothels, nightclubs, entertainment venues in casinos, hotels, and private homes. They are closely watched, threatened with violence, made to work long hours, and sometimes have their IDs taken away.

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