Philippines Employers Are Advised To Prioritise Mental Health


The Philippines Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) is urging firms to strengthen their employee assistance programmes by providing more paid time off and flexible work schedules.

The Secretary of Labour and Employment of the Philippines, Bienvenido Laguesma, emphasised the significance of providing paid leave benefits in addition to the existing leave benefits outlined in organisational policies, collective bargaining agreements, and the Labour Code to workers who need additional medical attention.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of mental health policies and initiatives, employers and their employees shall share responsibility, according to Laguesma, who underlined the importance of a team effort. He also asked employers to make sure that their staff has access to quality self-care and mental health services.

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Laguesma urged companies to take a variety of actions, such as flexible work arrangements, modifying work hours, telecommuting choices, and other advantages, to boost employee mental health. Additionally, employers must now submit an annual medical report to the DOLE regional office in their area that includes information on the number of mental health cases they have handled or directed to doctors.

He also emphasised the significance of creating a welcoming work atmosphere by introducing initiatives and programmes that help staff members’ welfare and understanding of mental health issues.

If workers needed a more thorough assessment of their mental health, DOLE urged them to use the healthcare services and facilities approved by the Philippine Health Insurance, according to Philstar. 

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