Indonesia encourages female leadership to foster diversity

Indonesia Encourages Female Leadership To Foster Diversity

Indonesia encourages female leadership to foster diversity

According to Ida Fauziyah, Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower, women’s leadership in companies is essential to increasing productivity and economic inclusivity.

Speaking at the Asian Productivity Organization’s (APO) Conference on Women’s Leadership in Public-Sector Organisations for Productivity Enhancement, Fauziyah urged policymakers and government officials to give expanding the presence of women in managerial posts top priority.

She stressed that women are naturally more suited for leadership positions due to their patience, empathy, and aptitude for networking, communication, and multitasking. “A confident woman is one who is empowered. She is capable of making her own decisions and has access to tools and opportunities that give her a wide range of opportunities and options to choose from, the speaker continued.


The conference’s main theme was the connection between gender inclusivity and productivity, which was in line with the APO 2025 strategy. Fauziyah’s thoughts were mirrored by Indra Pradana Singawinata, Secretary-General of APO, who emphasised the necessity of proactive efforts to increase women’s involvement in economic activities in order to attain a better degree of inclusivity. According to Antara, the APO is a regional intergovernmental organisation that was created specifically to increase productivity in the Asia-Pacific area through teamwork.

Therefore, the call for gender equality is consistent with the topics that Prof. Anwar Sanusi, Ph.D., Secretary-General of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and Deputy Minister of Manpower for Indonesia, would touch on in his opening keynote speech at CHRO Indonesia.

Prof. Sanuni’s lecture, Building a Sustainable Future – What Organisations in Indonesia Need to Know and Do, will shed light on the crucial developments in Indonesia’s talent and labour market. Additionally, he will highlight the creative strategies adopted by forward-thinking firms, illuminating how they make use of technology to steer their organisations in the direction of long-term sustainability.

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