French Apple Employees Go On Strike The Day The iPhone 15 Is Released


In a protest timed to the release of the iPhone 15, employees at Apple (AAPL.O) stores in France began a statewide strike over the compensation and working conditions on Friday.

After being forced to halt selling its iPhone 12 model earlier this month due to above-threshold radiation, it is the tech giant’s latest issue in France. Apple has contested the French watchdog’s conclusions.

A group of approximately 30 employees were picketing in front of the company’s Opera store in downtown Paris, one of three in the French city, just a few metres away from a queue of about 40 people who were waiting to enter the store in the pouring rain.

According to Anais Durel, a 36-year-old who has worked for Apple for 10 years, “We are still the ones who make Apple’s wealth, so I think that we deserve a little more honourable treatment compared to what we are given today.”

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In addition, CGT union representative estimated that “a few hundred” of Apple France’s 2,300-person retail workforce took part in the walkout. He continued by saying that all of the Apple France stores were still open on Friday, but with fewer employees.

Apple has opted not to respond.

Furthermore, oSaturday, several Apple unions, including CGT, Unsa, CFDT, and Cidre-CFTC, intend to strike in support of demands for a 7% pay raise to account for inflation and the lifting of a lengthy hiring freeze. According to union representatives, management was only willing to grant a 4.5% rise for their employees.

“Inflation remains quite unpleasant towards many. Many workers are having problems, according to Tarek, a CGT union official who wished to remain anonymous.

“The goal is really to bring awareness to this situation, not at all to block sales of the iPhone,” he continued.

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