Manufacturing & Servicing Companies in Malaysia To Obtain MIDA Approval via Xpats Gateway


Companies in the manufacturing sector, selected services sector, and recognised representative offices/regional offices (RE/RO) in Peninsular Malaysia can now apply for Expatriate Post Approvals and Employment Pass Support Letters via the Xpats Gateway. 

According to the Expatriate Services Division, this extension follows the statement made by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) on June 14, 2023. According to the release, the application for the expatriate Employment Pass (EP) will now be fully implemented through the Xpats Gateway System, a Single Window Platform (SWP).

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As previously stated, enterprises will be required to demonstrate evidence of operation in a sector covered by MIDA, with one of the mandatory papers to receive the MIDA support letter being an approval of manufacturing licence (ML), incentive, grant, status, or a letter of exemption from manufacturing licence.

The Xpats Gateway was formally launched on June 15, 2023, with the goal of speeding up the work permit application procedure for expats. The system simplifies the governance process for EP application approval, with visa applications and approvals expected to be completed in five days.

The system’s application was expanded to new sectors on July 31, 2023. 

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