KFC Malaysia closes due to economy

KFC Malaysia closes down due to economy

KFC Malaysia closes due to economyAccording to Reuters, KFC Malaysia has temporarily closed its locations nationwide, citing challenging economic conditions. Local media had earlier stated that the boycotts stemmed from the fast food chain’s alleged ties to Israel.

Malaysia, a nation with a sizeable Muslim population, is a devoted supporter of the Palestinian cause. Like some other Muslim countries, Malaysia has seen boycott movements against Western fast-food companies due to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

The company that runs the KFC and Pizza Hut franchises in Malaysia, QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, announced that it has temporarily closed its KFC locations “due to difficult economic circumstances.”

“QSR Brands and KFC Malaysia has taken proactive measures to temporarily close outlets as means to manage increasing business costs and focus on high engagement trade zones,” it said in a statement issued late on Monday. The media reports were not mentioned in the statement.

Although the number of affected stores was not stated, over 100 were reportedly temporarily closed, according to local media.

According to QSR Brands, workers from the impacted stores could move to locations with better customer interaction.


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