Will the first AI software engineer, Devin AI, take your job?

Will the first AI software engineer, Devin AI, take your job?

Will the first AI software engineer, Devin AI, take your job?Devin AI, an artificial intelligence program developed by US firm Cognition, will alter how code is created, debugged, and implemented. According to Cognition, which was supported by the Founders Fund, Devin AI is the first of its kind. It can transform a basic instruction into a working website or software application.

The AI helper has finished actual assignments on Upwork, a freelance marketplace, and has successfully passed multiple practical engineering interviews with top AI organizations.

According to the business, Devin AI focuses on the SWE-bench coding benchmark. The dataset consists of 2,294 software engineering challenges taken from real GitHub issues and the pull requests that accompany them.

Large language models (LLMs) such as Google’s Gemini or OpenAI’s ChatGPT can complete and suggest code. Meanwhile, Devin AI can handle developing and delivering entire software applications.

Devin operates independently with its programming editor, command line, and browser. It systematically implements software by breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. It is also capable of organizing and carrying out intricate engineering projects that require hundreds or even thousands of decisions.

According to Cognition, this allows engineering teams to assign certain projects to the AI and concentrate on more imaginative work requiring human expertise. Devin presents a new paradigm that could provide an early look at how AI workers, under the supervision of human supervisors or users, would soon handle all software development and computer labor.

Devin is currently not available for public. The corporation only allows a limited number of clients to access it. However, it already generated enthusiasm and attention in the tech sector. It represents a critical turning point in the development of AI-assisted software.


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