Malaysia ranked 2nd friendliest country in Asia

Malaysia ranked 2nd friendliest country in Asia

Malaysia ranked 2nd friendliest country in AsiaWhether for business or pleasure, moving overseas is an unforgettable experience. Travelers generally have several expectations when they visit a nation, including things like architecture, scenery, culture, food, shopping, and more. However, their interactions with the residents frequently shape their impression of the region.

The list of the top 46 locations for expat living, HSBC’s Expat Explorer rankings, Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey‘s articles, and Passport Index’s Welcoming Countries Rank 2024, which ranks nations based on the number of passports they accept visa-free, with visa on arrival, or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), were the four sources taken into consideration when ranking the friendliest countries in Asia.

In 2023, it was a particularly good year for Asia tourism. That’s the reason Malaysia welcomed 26 million visitors. With 10.7% of its immigrant population, Malaysia is also the 16th most hospitable nation globally. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals go to the nation for employment, hoping to find higher-paying jobs and higher living conditions than back home.

Here are the top 5 friendliest countries in Asia:

1. Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

Total: 2.52

Asia’s friendliest nation is the United Arab Emirates. Only 11.48% of UAE residents are native Emiratis; the majority, or over 88%, are foreigners. Additionally, HSBC ranks it the fourth-best nation for expatriates to relocate to. In 2023, the UAE hosted more than 17 million visitors from all around the world. Traveling to the United Arab Emirates is made easier by the short three- to four-day visa processing period. Furthermore, the country is ideal for Western visitors to spend their winters due to its milder environment.

2. Malaysia

Rating: 2.20

Malaysia is ranked fifteenth globally and the second friendliest nation in Asia. Furthermore, with 10.7% of its population being migrant stock, it is ranked as the 16th most immigrant-friendly nation in the world. According to HSBC, Malaysia is the 25th greatest place in the world for expats living. In 2023, 26 million visitors visited Malaysia, partly thanks to a high percentage of visa approvals. Malaysia is the fourth most hospitable nation in the world for travelers seeking visa-on-arrival and electronic travel authorization (eTA) access, according to the Passport Index 2024.


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3. Vietnam

Rating: 1.67

Among the friendliest nations in Asia is Vietnam. Its tourism sector is flourishing; in 2023, the nation welcomed over 12.6 million visitors, a three-fold increase over 2022. Vietnam’s strong visa acceptance rate has earned it a spot as the world’s most hospitable country in the Passport Index 2024, ranking it equal first overall. The Asian nation ranks 19th in the world for expat living standards, according to HSBC.

4. Philippines

Rating: 1.63

Next on the list is the Philippines, a country rich in scenic locations and exceedingly kind and welcoming individuals. Via an electronic travel agreement (eTA), visitors from 159 countries can enter the nation and get a visa upon arrival. The Philippines was ranked as the fourth friendliest nation in the world in an Insider Monkey article from 2023. The whole list is available here. Furthermore, Asia is well-known for its expat population. The Philippines was placed 42nd in the globe by HSBC’s Expat Explorer List.

5. Singapore

1.51 is the score.

Singapore is among the friendliest nations in Asia. It is ranked 17th out of 164 nations that allow entry with an electronic travel authorization (eTA), according to the Passport Index’s 2024 rating of welcoming countries. In Singapore, foreigners make up 29% of the population. According to HSBC, Singapore is the ninth-best place in the world for expatriate living.

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