Google crisis continues, hundreds from sales team laid off

Google crisis continues, hundreds from sales team laid off

Google crisis continues, hundreds from sales team laid offGoogle has reduced employment on its advertising sales team this week, following the layoff of roughly 1,000 staff members last week. Google spokesperson Chris Pappas confirmed that they eliminated a few hundred roles globally as part of the change in a statement to The Verge.

Business Insider broke the story of Google’s most recent layoffs after obtaining a memo from senior vice president Philipp Schindler. According to reports, Schindler hinted that the Google Customer Solutions (GCS) team, which sells ads to smaller clients, will take over as the “core” ad sales team, with the layoffs primarily affecting the Large Customer Sales (LCS) unit, which deals with selling ads to large businesses. A different report from Business Insider states that in October of last year, Google let go of a few members of its LCS team.

“Every year we go through a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our ad customers,” Pappas tells The Verge.

“We map customers to the right specialist teams and sales channels to meet their service needs. As part of this, a few hundred roles globally are being eliminated, and impacted employees will be able to apply for open roles or elsewhere at Google.

This is consistent with a report from The Verge’s Command Line newsletter, which stated that “the roughly 30,000-person ad sales group is another natural target” and that the layoffs from last week wouldn’t be the last. Google has already made massive layoffs in a number of departments, affecting not only its engineering and Google Assistant teams but also the workers developing Pixel, Fitbit, and Nest products.

The number of Google employees it has let go of this year is still unknown. However, the number of job cuts has undoubtedly surpassed 1,000, with last week’s layoffs impacting “a few hundred” positions in each affected division and this most recent round eliminating an additional “few hundred” positions.


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