eMadani: Redeem your RM100 eWallet today!

eMadani: Redeem your RM100 eWallet today!

eMadani: Redeem your RM100 eWallet today!Through the eMadani program, eligible Malaysians can redeem their government-issued RM100 eWallet credit. Here is everything you need to know about eMadani, including redemption, spending, and validity. Redemption begins today, 4 December.

What exactly is the eMadani program?

The government launched eMadani under the slogan of “Ekonomi Madani: Memperkasa Rakyat.” Ten million Malaysians are expected to benefit from the eMadani initiative, which has a RM1 billion budget. The purpose of the RM100 eWallet credit is to assist physical businesses through the participating eWallets.

The corresponding eWallets offer additional incentives in the form of reward points, cashback, discounts, and vouchers.

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Who can get RM100 money added to their eMadani eWallet?

The eMadani initiative is available to Malaysian citizens who are 21 years of age or older (as of 2023) and have an annual income of RM100,000 or less (based on records from the Inland Revenue Board as of 15 July 2023) or who are currently receiving Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah (STR) as of 7 November 2023, according to the Ministry of Finance. Only Malaysians who turn 21 by the end of 2023 are qualified to participate in the project.

You cannot get the RM100 eMadani credit if you have previously redeemed RM200 through eBeliaRahmah. The Ministry of Finance claims this is the case since the goal of eBeliaRahmah credit is the same—to instill a cashless lifestyle in young people.

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How can you get your RM100 eMadani credit?

You have to utilize one of the four participating eWallets, which are stated below, to redeem your RM100 eMadani credit:

  • Shopee Pay

  • MAE

  • Setel

  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet

The eWallet app is available for download via the official app shops, which include Huawei AppGallery, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

You must have a verified eWallet account to get the RM100 eMadani credit. If you haven’t already, you must scan your Malaysian identity card (MyKad) as part of the electronic know-your-customer (e-KYC) process to validate your eWallet account.

Be aware that each qualified Malaysian is only eligible for a single RM100 eMadani credit. This implies that you are unable to redeem using several eWallets.

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When is the RM100 eWallet credit redeemable?

From 8 a.m. on Monday, 4 December 2023, eligible Malaysians can apply to redeem their RM100 eMadani eWallet credit.

You must use your RM100 credit in its whole by 29 February 2024 since the redemption period ends on 20 February. After 29 February 2024, any eMadani credit that is not used will be forfeited.

Can you shop online with RM100 of your eMadani credit?

You can only use the RM100 eWallet credit at physical stores or retail locations. DuitNow QR payments are supported by the four partner eWallets, and you can utilize your credit at more than 1.8 million stores and establishments nationwide. Tolls, parking, online bill payments, and internet shopping are all prohibited from using credit.

The following is a list of transactions that the program does not support:

  • Cash-outs

  • Peer-to-peer transfers

  • Utility bill payment using an app

  • Government-related taxes and payments via an app

  • Payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups through an app

  • Purchasing games

  • Parking and toll payments

  • Investment-related activities through an app

  • Online or e-commerce transactions

However, you may purchase fuel for your car on Setel using your RM100 eMadani credit.

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