Google partners with government to create 300,000 jobs

Google partners with government to create 300,000 jobs

Google partners with government to create 300,000 jobsAs reported by Bernama, on 15 November, the Malaysian government and Google established a strategic partnership to generate equitable growth possibilities in the rapidly expanding digital economy for more Malaysians and domestic firms.

Google said in a statement today that the partnership brings both parties together to support companies of all sizes in advancing their digital competitiveness through skill-building initiatives, investments in digital infrastructure, ethical AI innovation, and cloud-first policies.

“This latest commitment by Google, aimed at accelerating local innovation and talent development in the field of AI, will certainly boost the nation’s digital competitiveness, in line with the Madani Economy Framework and the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030),” Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today.

According to him, Malaysia’s Madani Economy Framework aims to guarantee that all parties involved—especially the rakyat and small enterprises—will profit socioeconomically from the resulting growth in the country’s GDP.

According to Google, the most recent efforts are based on its 12-year investment history in Malaysia.

The company’s programs and products helped sustain over 47,900 jobs in 2022 alone. They also benefited local businesses with a projected US$2.8 billion in direct and indirect economic effects.

“The partnership we are announcing today with the government of Malaysia aligns Google’s local mission of Advancing Malaysia Together with the government’s goal to create a supportive ecosystem for innovation that includes more meaningful and equitable job opportunities,” said president and chief investment officer; chief financial officer, Alphabet and Google, Ruth Porat.


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Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry, praised Google’s ongoing support of local companies and the rakyat, particularly through initiatives that develop talent and aid in the regional expansion of Malaysia’sMalaysia’s small enterprises.

“Apart from supporting the achievement of NIMP 2030’s2030’s missions, these will also enhance Malaysia’sMalaysia’s overall global competitiveness to foreign investors. The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry and its agency, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), will do our utmost to facilitate Google’s planned investments in Malaysia.”

Opportunities for inclusive skill development for 300,000 Malaysians by 2026

Google Cloud, CloudMile, and Trainocate offer five accessible digital learning pathways to give Malaysians of all backgrounds more access to digital training possibilities.

“Accessible through the Go Cloud program — which aims to upskill 300,000 Malaysians by 2026 — the learning paths consist of online courses to help individuals better apply generative AI (gen AI), data analytics, and cloud-based productivity tools.”

After finishing all five learning tracks, students will receive digital skill badges they may display on their resumes and a free 30-day extension to access additional learning routes.

According to Google, this expands on Gemilang. This digital training program has given underprivileged people 31,000 Google Career Certificate scholarships in collaboration with organizations and educational institutions.

“This helps Malaysians earn professional certifications – at no cost – for entry-level jobs in high-demand fields such as data analytics, IT support, as well as e-commerce and digital marketing.”

In addition, the government and Google Cloud will work together on AI launchpad projects to improve public service delivery, generate employment opportunities, and assist regional businesses in expanding into international markets.

To take into account the most recent developments in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Google will also assist the government in improving its current Cloud First Policy for Malaysia by providing policy knowledge and its Secure AI Framework.

In line with international best practices for data privacy and security requirements, this supports government initiatives to prioritize adopting robust, economical, and innovative cloud services over capital-intensive on-premise systems.

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