Indonesian domestic worker recruiting costs max RM15,000

Indonesian domestic worker recruiting costs max RM15,000

Indonesian domestic worker recruiting costs max RM15,000According to the Human Resources Ministry, the maximum cost of hiring a new Indonesian domestic worker (PDA) is RM15,000. Applications must be submitted through Sistem Maid Online (SMO) and Sipermit, which the Indonesian Embassy holds.

It stated that Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta (APS) and the Indonesian Embassy are the first steps for anyone wishing to hire an Indonesian domestic worker.

It further stated that this is because of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) that the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia signed.

“The process for Indonesian PDAs involves the Peninsular Malaysia Labour Department, the embassy and the Immigration Department.

“In terms of permit renewal with the Immigration Department, no confirmation from the Labour Department required unless the PDA passport is still valid.

“Employers can continue to renew work permits at the Immigration Department without going through the APS service.

“If the PDA passport expired, the employer required to submit a new application by using APS to liaise with the Indonesian Embassy,” the ministry said in a statement yesterday.


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It stated that although the MOU already included this condition, the payment schedule for renewal needed to be specified.

The ministry stated that at the joint working group conference between the two nations on the employment and protection of Indonesian domestic workers, they would cover shortly about renewing Indonesian domestic worker work licenses.

The ministry stated that employers can hire PDAs directly from other nations or through APS.

The APS offer and the agreement from the potential employer will determine the price for PDAs from other nations.

“The Labour Department is also not involved in the permit renewals for other source countries, and employers are to submit renewals to the Immigration Department.

“The payment rate is subject to mutual agreement between the employer and APS (if the employer uses the APS service),” it said.

According to the ministry, any further payment arrangements determined by the terms of the agreement between APS and the employer.

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