No layoffs reported after Israeli product boycott

No layoffs reported after Israeli product boycott

No layoffs reported after Israeli product boycottThe country’s boycott of products associated to Israel has not resulted in any reports of layoffs being received by the Human Resources Ministry (MOHR).

Reported by Bernama, when asked if the ministry had heard of any allegations of companies terminating employees. As a result of the boycott or any complaints relating to it, the minister, V. Sivakumar, acknowledged this.

“If there are complaints, we will investigate them. At this stage, since there are no complaints. I cannot comment further,” he told a media conference in conjunction with the Perkeso Deepavali 2023 celebration here today.

According to recent media reports, a large number of people impacted by Malaysians uniting to boycott Israeli goods. Resulting in the eventual layoff of part-time employees as the companies experienced a sharp decline in sales.


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In a different context, Sivakumar stated that in the past, people who hired foreign workers but mismanaged their pay and scope of work received harsh warnings.

He emphasized how crucial it is to stop forced labour in the nation since it might result in a lot of issues.

“I want all employers and agents involved to ensure that they stop such practices. It is a mistake to bring workers into the country without employment opportunities.

“Employers must offer them a job before bringing them into the country. If there is no work, they should not be brought into the country and if they are caught, strict action will be taken,” he emphasised.

Prior to this, media outlets reported that low wages and hazardous working conditions experienced by Nepalese labourers in the nation.

On November 5, Sivakumar announced that the ministry would launch nationwide operations in response to a letter about the predicament of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia sent to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) by a migrant rights activist.

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