Tackle the science and technology labor deficit, government urged

Tackle the science and technology labor deficit, government urged

Tackle the science and technology labor deficit, government urgedTo successfully implement the New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP) 2030, a government backbencher has asked the government to address the labor deficit of trained workers in science and technology.

“If we aspire to attract high-tech investments and raise the wages of Malaysian citizens, we must address the shortage of skilled labour in science and technology,” Teresa Kok (PH-Seputeh) said.

“The government must take the issue of shortage of engineers in our country seriously,” Kok said, referring to a statement from the Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia published in The Edge last year.

According to the report, Penang needs an additional 50,000 engineers only to keep up with demand from the semiconductor industry.

Kok stated that to foster pupils’ interest in learning science and mathematics, many ministries must work together.

“I propose that the education and higher education ministries collaborate in an effort to encourage and nurture our students’ interest in studying science and mathematics.

“I also suggest that the education ministry provide special training for our teachers on more effective methods of teaching science and mathematics to students,” Kok said when debating the 2024 Supply Bill in the Dewan Rakyat.

She asserted that marketing the benefits and significance of learning science and mathematics should also be a responsibility of the communications and digital ministry.


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Azirin Abdul Aziz, director of the higher education ministry’s student recruiting and development section, stated in May that there was a fall in engineering-related professions due to a lack of interest in STEM.

The higher education ministry recently reported that this year, more students than usual enrolled in standard engineering programs at public institutions to pursue business-related studies.

Khaled Nordin, Higher Education Minister, reported that 13,990 students registered in engineering, manufacturing, and construction courses. At the same time, 17,369 enrolled in business, administration, and legal classes.

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